LitterLocker is a brand of Angelcare Development Inc.

Angelcare Development Inc is a sister company of Angelcare Monitors Inc. Since its creation in 1997 Angelcare Monitors Inc., a Canadian company based in Montreal, has been a dynamic company which specializes in designing, developing and marketing innovative consumer products.

Maurice Pinsonnault, the president and founder, is a lifelong inventor and developer of new products. He has the vision to see a need in the marketplace and turn it into an innovative, unique, quality product.

The Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor became the world’s #1 selling movement & sound monitor in a few years only, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. Angelcare has committed itself to being on the cutting edge with the Movement & Sound Monitor which improves baby safety, and now the LitterLocker, the best soiled litter disposal system that eases litter maintenance.

The LitterLocker is completely odorless thanks to its multi-layer barrier film. Soiled litter can be stored in the LitterLocker for up to 2 weeks, but can be emptied at any time by the cat owner. The refill, which holds the barrier film, lasts up to 2 months on average.

Fast – Clean – Easy – Odorless